Understanding natural stone is important so as to be able to cherish its beauty, practicality and uniqueness. It carries eternal quality, elegance and character that have no peer, it is a live material that lives with its surroundings and each time it offers something unique in the space it is applied.

With over 20 years in the stone industry we have managed to establish co-operations with leading international suppliers and we import only premium quality natural stones from the most renowned quarries all over the world. We spend a great deal of time sourcing and checking our materials in order to supply you premium quality products which significantly reduce the possibility of pitfalls during and after installation.

Surface Finishes

The beauty and special characteristics of natural stones emerge from the finishing processes available, and which are widely utilized by current architectural and construction trends. Each finish provides a different aspect to natural stone that takes on new shades of colours, new visual and tactile sensations, enhancing the natural characteristics. Here are the most widely used ones:


A polished surface finish is shiny and reflective. This is a glossy mirror like finish. The full colour, depth, and crystal structure of the stone is visible. The stone appears darker and the colours seem richer. A polished finish will highlight the character of natural stone. This finish is considered the finest and smoothest available.


Honing removes the gloss from the surface, creating a soft matte look. The surface remains smooth to the touch. The result is a smooth surface without reflection. The stone will have a matte like appearance.

Brushed / Leathered

A variety of methods are used in order to achieve a textured surface; either chemical (acid wash) or mechanical. There are different levels of brushing - from the subtle satin or vellutato finish to deeper brushing, creating a leathered effect.


A surface treatment applied by intense heat flaming, which creates a rough surface finish, more appropriate for exterior applications. The surface is usually brushed after flaming, when used for interior application.


Slightly tumbled to achieve rounded edges and a surface which is not as smooth as when honed.


This is actually a style of finishes rather than a particular finish. Leathered and tumbled finishes are all examples of an antiqued finish. A factory finish similar to a leathered finish is sometimes referred to as an antiqued finish.

CE Marking

A CE marking for natural stone products shows that they have been assessed against a harmonized European standard. The presence of a marking on a product or related to the product, constitutes a guarantee for its quality and its safety and in general its suitability for a certain application.

Our factory production control consists of documented procedures and regular inspection checks that enable us to control incoming materials, equipment, the production process and the finished products. At all times during the production process our quality control mechanism in place ensures that every single item is checked at the end of every single stage of the way. This enables us to confidently guarantee that the production line is made more efficient and our products shall meet the necessary requirements.

Moreover and having provided additional laboratory tests regarding the physical and mechanical properties of our materials carried out on a continuous basis according to the specifications of the relevant certificate allowed us to utilise the CE marking on a continually increasing number of our products.