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The One-of-a-Kind Collection

Supremo is a new premium collection that blends an exceptional design with innovative technology. Creating a new sphere in the quartz industry, Supremo proudly delivers a natural, exclusive look supported by the added quality and guarantee of quartz.

Just like an original work of art, every Supremo slab is one-of-a-kind creation, distinctly different from any other quartz surface in the market, each slab comes in its own unique flow of colour and pattern. With a little imagination and flair, you can create any effect you want - in the bathroom, kitchen or living areas - and achieve a designer look that reflects you personality and captures your spirit

Supremo comes in eight elegant and stylish colours. From light and delicate to dark and contemporary - there's bound to be a shade to suit you. With Supremo, you can put your unique stamp on any room, create an interior finish which is striking different from any other - a look which is truly your own. The Supremo collection is suitable for all applications - from kitchen countertops and backsplashes to floor and wall panelling, vanity tops and even custom-made furniture

Slab Size and Weights

The nominal dimensions of CaesarStone Supremo slabs are 3060 x 1440mm enabling greater design flexibility and maximum utilization of the product. 

Thickness Slab Weight Slab Weight
20 mm 220 kg 50 kg/m2

Like all CaesarStone quartz products, Classico surfaces comply with the following standards: ISO 9001, NSF 51, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, GreenGuard and GreenGuard Children & Schools