Caesarstone has created over 50 awe-inspiring designs of quartz kitchen worktops, each one intricately different from the next. Taking inspiration from the world around us – whether that’s a delicate pattern found on a leaf to the raw texture of a concrete block – every design has it’s very own story, alongside unmatched durability, heat-resistance and anti-bacterial properties. From deep black marbles to the whitest of whites and everything in between, there’s a Caesarstone kitchen worktop to suit every colour palette. Take a look at the top five most sought after Caesarstone colours…

4033 Rugged Concrete

Metropolitan Collection

As the trends for industrial designs and authentic, raw materials show no signs of slowing down, Rugged Concrete continues to be one of the most innovative and daring of all Caesarstone’s concepts. No stranger to taking inspiration from nature and the environment, Caesarstone created Rugged Concrete with an authentic urban experience in mind – think rustic and unfussy but effortlessly on-trend.

Through exclusive and pioneering engineering technologies, Rugged Concrete accentuates the look and feel of real concrete with deep grey tones and unique imperfections. It delivers what concrete can’t: the exquisite coarse texture and roughened surface finish of a hand poured concrete top alongside unparalleled performance capabilities only quartz can achieve.

Why it’s so sought after: It’s more than just a replication of concrete; Rugged Concrete captures the innate essence of the stone with a real authenticity but elevates it with non-porous and anti-bacterial properties for less maintenance. Just as at-home in a pastoral farmhouse kitchen as it is in a converted loft apartment.

4033 Rugged Concrete

5143 White Attica

Supernatural Collection

Despite being one of our more recent additions, White Attica has quickly become a firm favourite. Inspired by classic marble, it’s the epitome of luxury and grandeur. The crisp, brilliant white base beautifully juxtaposes the deep, blue-black veining that sprawls across every slab, proving a truly timeless and multi-faceted design.

White Attica can become the centre piece to your entire kitchen, used as a focal point to a minimalistic and monochrome design, or it can serve as a subtle background to warm timber tones and colourful cabinetry. However you choose to use it, it will make a lasting impact on your interior design.

Why it’s so sought after: The key element for White Attica proves to be it’s unique combination of a truly awe-inspiring design alongside high-level performance attributes: it’s non-porous, extremely heat and cold resistant and impervious to scratches, stains and chips – all common elements of marble itself. So for many, White Attica promises (and often exceeds) the look and feel of marble, without any of its drawbacks.

5143 White Attica


1141 Pure White

Classico Collection

Characterised by it’s brilliant purity, Pure White is a timeless classic that delivers sheer versatility, seamlessly fitting in with all interiors and colour palettes. As a worktop, Pure White is able to bring a unique sense of light and space to any kitchen, offering the perfect base from which to build out the rest of the design.

Why it’s so sought after: White is easily one of the most popular colours for a kitchen – from the worktops and splashbacks to the walls and cabinets, so it makes sense that Pure White ranks highly with our consumers. The clean, simple design lends itself to both modern and traditional styles, with a silky-soft, tactile quality that adds to the experience.

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