The company’s warehouse and production facility is situated in the Ergates Industrial Area and is harmonised with European specifications and safety regulations. It is equipped with advanced mechanical equipment and the latest computerised production machinery, for the processing of natural and engineered stone materials, as well as a water recycling plant, providing a safe and environmentally friendly work place, which when combined to our know-how, qualified personnel and expertise makes our production line efficient and well above the specified standards.

Material handling is controlled using an overhead crane which enables us to safely and quickly expedite the movement of slabs; from loading and unloading of slabs onto our automatic bridge saws and edge/polishing machines to packaging finished products.

Cutting is optimised with our computer-controlled bridge saws and CNC machine which give our technicians the ability to operate in a 100% totally efficient environment. Moreover edge profiling is achieved with automatic polishing machines which save time and labour costs while producing a highly consistent finished product.

Our endless pursuit of new technologies brings Schizas Marble into the forefront of innovation in the natural and engineered stone fabrication industry. Through continuous investment and research our production process has experienced progressive growth allowing us to expand and diversify our range of final products, finishes, edge details and overall service.


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